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Penn Hills, Verona real estate transactions for the week of Feb. 9

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Thursday, February 13, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Penn Hills

Valerie Sands sold property at 7969 Aber Road to Bianca Thomas for $40,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. sold property at 202 Anthon Drive to LaRae Burks for $40,000.

Romero Development LLC sold property at 11429 Azalea Drive to Carlow Ramirez for $180,000.

Doris Anderson sold property at 2 Beulah Ln to Mark Anderson Gray Jr. for $70,000.

Jeffrey Miller sold property at 102 Clinton Drive to Algirdas Skukauskas for $42,000.

Roy Young sold property at 151 Collins Drive to Faithfull Family Investments LLC for $107,000.

Kamacite REO 2015-2 LLC sold property at 109 Crescent Hills Road to Bryan Kaczynski and Kira Johnson for $105,000.

Estate of Stella Felicia Scheid sold property at 6029 Dewayne Drive to Darryl and Darlene Yetter for $119,000.

Nikia Pitts sold property at 261 Evaline St. to Mark Pitts for $65,000.

Western PA Annual Conference United Meth sold property at 9601 Frankstown Road to Heavenly Vision Ministries Inc. for $127,500.

James Madalinsky sold property at 5924 Heberton Drive to Anthony Manning and Christina Jablonski for $149,000.

Rory Leo sold property at 606 Idaho Ave. to George and Deborah Conway for $177,500.

Estate of Byron Strothers sold property at 528 Idlewood Road to Jacques Aaron and Carmen Wilmore for $104,900.

MM Capital Group LLC sold property at 3017 Laketon Road to Ross Johnston for $112,000.

Estate of Charles Hicks sold property at 2227 Leechburg Road to Eric Chang and Shiyang Liu for $50,000.

Michael Gibson sold property at 529 Newport Drive to T & A Investment Properties LLC for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $163,676).

Bank New York Mellon trustee sold property at 634 Newport Drive to Daniel DeMarchi for $105,000.

Ryan Glover sold property at 213 Northmont Drive to Ryan McGranahan for $134,900.

Jennifer Scholle sold property at 2006 Pelone Drive to Georgia White for $175,000.

Jodi R Hey Miller sold property at 242 Pheasant Drive to Heritage Holdings Pittsburgh LLC for $90,000.

Alice Catherine McConnell sold property at 6050 Poketa Road to Robert McCaul and Jessica Ann Kress for $145,000.

Fifth Avenue Property Group LLC sold property at 1819 Rosedale St. to Seth and Elizabeth Graves for $150,000.

Estate of Ruth Anderson sold property at Saltsburg Road to John Chambers for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $14,036).

Hutton Exchange Pittsburgh LLC sold property at 7190 Saltsburg Road to Realty Income Trust 1 for $2,033,718.

S & T Bank sold property at 6566 Sentry Drive to 3B Properties LLC for $57,200.

Robert Scheib Jr. sold property at 7223 Shannon Road to Segavepo LLC for $98,500.

Louis Spinelli sold property at 329 Stoneledge Drive to Jeffrey and Corinne Kuhn for $82,500.


Audrey Aleprete sold property at 427-429 School St. to Affordable Housing Buyers LLC for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $60,436).

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