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Penn Hills, Verona real estate transactions for the week of Jan. 12

Sunday, January 12, 2020 | 12:01 AM

Penn Hills

Estate of Albert Heywood Jr. sold property at 7957 Aber Road to Carmine Laughlin for $56,500.

Crystal Franklin trustee sold property at 100 Banyon Drive to Christine and Linda Carol Smith for $116,890.

Douglas Shipe sold property at 524 Beverly Drive to David Knavish for $28,000.

Sami Abdullah sold property at 224 Briarwood Drive to Manuel Williams for $80,000.

Allegheny County Redevelopment Authority sold property at 209 Clay Drive to Henry Ternent Jr. and Eleanor Ternent for $1,800.

Estate of Earl Miller sold property at 109 Deerwood Drive to Federal National Mortgage Assn. for $45,000.

Hirouye Teshome sold property at 1024 Evergreen Drive to Thomas Pryor for $177,500.

Estate of Joshua Rabb sold property at 165 Fox Chase Drive to Nikia Pitts for $77,000.

Coleen Sutsin sold property at 10060 Grandview Ave. to ADSL Investment LLC for $14,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. sold property at 1170 Hamil Road to Johnson 2 LLC for $28,250.

Estate of Osvaldo Fontecchioaka sold property at 612 Horizon View Drive to Louis Anzelone for $127,500.

Thomas Pyle sold property at 933 Hulton Road to Darren and Tiffany Mascilli for $150,000.

PNC Bank NA sold property at 441-443 Idlewood Road to Sam Vassilaros for $42,500.

Housing & Urban Development sold property at 1070 Jefferson Road to Lys Real Estate LLC for $54,800.

Darren DeRiggi sold property at 6377 Leechburg Road to Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB trustee for $4,542.

Jennifer Conner sold property at 165 Lisa Drive to Kristin Scott for $145,000.

Kimberly Terry sold property at 1423 Maple Ave. to Bayview Loan Servicing LLC for $6,479.

Mary Monteleone sold property at 6669 Poketa Road to Dara Ketterer for $79,500.

Robert Skylar Glenn Snowden sold property at 6031 Rockcliff Road to Nationstar Mortgage LLC for $25,000.

Julia Mosco sold property at 442 Rosanne Drive to Carol Clemente for $25,000.

Dorothy Lundy sold property at 2161 Sampson St. to Mash Holdings 19 L.P. for $34,500.

Housing & Urban Development sold property at 2342 School St. to TNA Investments LLC for $44,000.

Larry Hunt sold property at 6594 Sentry Drive to Dashawn Brundage and Shyheim N Smith Young for $128,000.

Blue Line Estates LLC sold property at 126 Tilford Road to Raymond Torrence Conner Jr. and Tavara Nichole Conner for $115,000.

CSMA SFR Holdings 2 LSE LLC sold property at 138 Universal Road to Jamal Jusari Woodson for $34,000.


Duffus Properties LLC sold property at 718 Allegheny River Blvd. to Found Sock LLC for $114,000.

Vadim Balahovski sold property at 519 Spruce St. to Holdings Ltd. LLC for $25,600.

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